Proudly Introducing the Debut Novel

A whimsical, Robbins-esque modern day fable, History Yoghurt and the Moon is a tale of a young chemist who covertly introduces hallucinogens to some of the less conscious factions of American society.  The plot dovetails with a love story, current politics and the news machinery until a surprising conclusion.

The book is an entertaining mixture of philosophy, politics, lampoon, love and personal transformation, which manages to tackle deep ideas in a playful and humorous manner.  The novel contains a colorful mixture of language, action, ideas, spiritual transformation, psychedelics and sex.

NEW EDITION!:  The Power of Thought is a practical and revealing guide to obtain, retain, and sharpen your ability to live life to its fullest by unlocking the powers you already have. The quest for more meaning and fulfillment in our lives is a common pursuit, one that often results in a misguided struggle for quick answers and immediate fixes. Many self-help books offer prescriptions that, if followed closely, will result in guaranteed success. Author and speaker Jerry Mooney offers a new way to look at how you can truly improve your life by not tapping into some philosophical ideal or religious formula, but by examining the power that already exists within yourself. Mooney helps you identify those things in life that may be robbing you of this power: negative thoughts, fear of change, mistrust, peer pressure, and many other unrecognized obstacles. With tested exercises such as visualization, writing, meditation, yoga and more, Mooney offers a sensible plan to start utilizing your innate power to begin living the life you truly want.

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